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Description: This is a custom order, the purchaser's name is used minimal times. You went to high school with a girl you couldn't get enough of. Days were filled with her, your best friend. Things just never worked out. Wrong time, wrong place. The two of you split paths, and moved on. But what if... there had been a different road? This is a reimagining of a high school romance later in life. The two of you bump into each other at a bar. She asks you to come home with her, tripping over her words. As soon as her front door closes, her confidence explodes. She tells you exactly what she wants and how she wants it. Throw her against the wall, kiss her, pull your cock out, rip her tights, finger her, fuck her. She licks, teases, and rides you until you burst deep inside. The two of you drift off to dreams together, forever wondering, when will we meet again? INCLUDES: gfe, roleplay, fantasy, fantasy porn, public, love, romance, story, very subtle femdom (female in control), blowjob, handjob, spit, make out, ASMR, tease, tights, grinding, penetration, sex, dick riding, dirty talk, thong, upskirt, AND MORE!